When did you last review your Will?

Client: Demelza Independent Estate Planning

1 February 2016
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When did you last review your Will?

St Wenn based Demelza Independent Estate Planning, is holding a series of drop-in Will review clinics at Hall For Cornwall in Truro this spring, all free of charge, so you can find out if your Will needs updating and the best way proceed.

With changes in legislation and personal circumstances, Wills can become out-of-date very easily. Professionals advise you should review your Will every three years or at least after any major changes in your life, and even in the lives of your appointed beneficiaries. Occurrences such as marriages, births, separations or divorces can impact upon the efficacy of your Will.

Demelza Independent Estate Planning director, Denis Mitchell, who is running the clinics, has advanced qualifications in Wills and Trusts and is one of only two advisers within Cornwall to be a Chartered Wealth Manager, Chartered Financial Planner and a Certified Financial Planner.

Denis explains: “Every day family occurrences such as weddings, divorces or even moving house can impact upon your original wishes and the desired effect of your Will in relation to Inheritance Tax. Similarly, if family members become separated or divorced you may want to protect your Estate from passing beyond your immediate family.”

Writing and reviewing a Will is definitely a task most of us put off, not only because making changes to your Will can be a costly affair but many struggle to access independent advice.

Denis adds: “The passing of time can reduce the effectiveness of your Will, you can make simple changes by making an official alteration called a codicil or if you want to make major changes you may need to write a new Will – these are all areas I can advise on.”

At this confidential one-to-one clinic, Denis will advise on the options available to you - giving you peace of mind or guidance on future steps to take. The clinics are taking place at Hall For Cornwall in Truro on:

  • Thursday, 28 April
  • Wednesday, 15 June

Photograph: Denis Mitchell, Demelza Independent Estate Planning director